It is March,

The month of her Spring,

When a soothing cold breeze…

Whiffs away the demons within.


It is March,

The season of her smile,

When every flower beckons at her with…

A promise divine.


It is March,

The return of her being,

When gushing daisies…..

Rustle and bespeak perforce,

Words of true love.


It is March,

The echo of her soul,

When valleys smile…

Enamoured by her will,

And demure persistence.


— Shalini.


Have you ever felt burdened, with nothingness and a void that challenges you every second and puts everything in the wrong perspective. You hold back and wait, till the storm clears out and sense returns to all that has been rising in flames within. It is at times like this when even words fail to come to your rescue…….


sometimes I have scattered words,

obliterating the erstwhile noise….

so rapidly they come and go

I try to hold them and devise….

ways to keep them forever

like stars that forever shine….



yesterday too, they did decline,

vociferously telling me….

to keep within me

all that is mine…..



i told them i needed time….

to ensure that they registered fine.


the scattered words,

they have flown out of rhyme…..

tugging at my soul,

each night, a little more sublime…..


I hold them closer,

lest they float adrift

One more time…..



She has flown again,

Without fluttering.”

A 6 word story prompt. The word Prompt is “Silent”. It can be followed here.

My heart stopped when I was Ten…

I lost my voice
When I was nine…

I can speak well
But words are not mine.

My heart stopped beating
When I was Ten…

It still beats
But the rhythm is broken.

I haven’t seen
Since I was five…

I decipher images
But the vision is not alive.

I haven’t talked
Since I was eleven…

I speak to people
But lies are a given.

(Chuckle, inspired by what my teen made me see… BTS addressing the UNICEF, this one statement….’My heart stopped beating when I was nine’…set the tone for tonight)

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