Look at you

Had you any inkling, of how original you were

How your curvy tresses, unkempt, were the cascades of Eden

And how you uttered words of supposed cacophony that launched ships

Did you know

That it did not matter how they looked at you

But it does matter how you see yourself

Look at you, rising from the wreckage, embracing storms…

Look at your threshold

At the Aurora you became, and the Sun in his chariot, seeking your aproval…

to ascend.

Just –

Look at you…


It is true that,

She is her own messiah….

That she has purged her own self,

Of plagues and despair

That threatend to take her breath away…..


It is true that,

She is her own divinity.

That she has uplifted her soul

When all belief and love

Was challenged and abused every day…..


It is true that

She is her own messiah,

And has taken the highest wave….

That most men were scared

To ride upon lest they should sway…..


It is true that

She is her own Sun,

Who has, with deliberate ease,

Hovered  through the darkest dungeon,

Dazzling it with a blinding ray…….


It is true that

She is her own reason,

To smile, love and be merry,

And has learnt it hard…..

That nothing can forever stay…..



Affirmations #9

To still look up

At the blazing Sun

Even if it fires the sky.


To not bother

If the glare is too harsh

But to find a secret shade.


To never ask



To say,

I’ll try…


If I were to tell you

That wings are for free

That skies won’t thunder

And the Sun will not blind your eye

And that a soft breeze is going to pamper

Your heart and your soul

Will you then

Take the flight

And venture against


And all that held you back.

Tell me if wings were free

Would you then take the flight

Would you rise

Would you soar…

All gratitude to Eugenia’s weekly word Prompt Soar.

It is morning…..

And yet, it is morning again,

The stars had beckoned….


Had carressed all the pain…….

Invigorated love,

Desires afresh…..

Every star had smiled

Last night, in the dark mesh……

And yet, it is morning again

Where the night was autumnal,

When biting winds swept within;

And every heart was in denial.

Upon every dark night

The torch bearer is restless;

Brighter he has to shine,

With grace and with finesse……

And yet, it is morning again…..

The dark night perchance happened;

Having slipped into oblivion,

When hopes had been dampened……

So we move on from here,

Knowing this for certain;

Some treasures are too dear.


Did it not strike you
That this would one day
Come to an end

That the waves would recede
And the showers would descend

That the clouds would shed
Whatever little they held

That the storm would unleash
Over shores that fairies beheld

Did it not strike you
To capture the rays
Before the sun could set

How could you
Let it all be

As if
You had
The eternity…

– Shalini

For more short poems, read Messiah

The same Sun…

Someday I will tell her
How much I long
To have her by my side….

Someday she will know
How every whiff of the wind
Feels like she breathed inside…

Sometimes I feel her
Slipping away
To places unheard of…

Sometimes I tell her so
And she shrugs
To say that is naught…

Someday I will take her
To places she
Would never have surmised…

Someday she will see
How much I gaze
At every line on her face…

Till I find her

And tell her

All about my whims

I wish
She is looking at

The same Sun

That meanders into her threshold

As well as mine…



“I have the sun in my enfolding”
Said the smallest lily to the sunflower….
“Oh how can it be, how can it be…….”, retorted the wrathful king….

“See how it peeps from behind the clouds
You will never know;
Shallowed by your pride
You will never know……

How he has warmed and brightened me up;
Yesterday he whispered in my ear,
That he loved my tiny frame.

He lifted me from the abyss
And helped me bloom like this……
His rays touch my heart
Everyday, so lovingly
And when he sets beyond the horizon
I feel a bit lonely…….

But when i close my eyes
And the night falls
He comes in my dreams
And all darkness he stalls
He leads me into the daylight
And i truly believe in his might……

See, he still winks at me
Beyond yonder clouds
I would like to believe, dear sunflower
That he reaches out to me…..”

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