Affirmations #3

A different view faces the house today

And as always –

He tells her not to pay heed,

To the change outside.


But as always,

She puts her coffee mug down,

And sails away.


Out, away, to see close up –

To feel, and then decide…

To go ahead,

And to come back –

Renewed, redefined…

But no more –


What matters more?

To participate or to be the witness
To see the change or be the change
To envision the spectrum or to let it be white

To let the clouds rain or to wait for thunder
To paint some shreds or to color the whole canvas
To devour all the fragrance or to inhale just what feels right

To accept the reality or meander among dreamy landscape

To know when to stop or to keep moving with panache

To be content with whatever you have or to hanker after what seems alluring

What matters more…

To be as you are

Or to emulate

A seemingly brighter star.

Whose Fault is it Anyway?

Often, as today it is, the mind stands in conflict with the heart. Today is a pleasant day, looks good ahead too.

Human reach to its impermeable suburbs is profound. We think we know it all and will never ever succumb to situations which shake our faith in our powers. Yet we give in. We give in to fears, trepidation, unseen dangers, predicted horrendous outcomes and an unfathomable afterlife.

In all this, wrong decisions are taken, wrong paths are chosen, wrong words are said and sometimes wrong tears are wiped! Why do I say that?

Well, that is what I am to write about.

Incorrect direction of sympathy towards people who did not need them in the first place. You needed it badly, but in giving it to someone else, you felt satiated, sacrificial and weirdly complete.

Then, if insensitivity and narcissism tore you within….

Whose fault was it anyway?

Does it even matter then, that you gave it your all?

Does it matter at all that you were emptied of your core?

Does it even matter that you dissolved like salt?

Does it even matter that your world was actually in their globes?

Does it then matter that you existed like a speck in their sky?

What does matter though is the emptiness that is purely yours….and not theirs to share.

What matters now is to stop being the empath you were.

What matters is not the fact that you were at fault.

What matters…

Is, that it was nobody’s fault.

What matters…

Is that you, your sky, your earth

Is still yours to claim.

It does not matter if they left or if you pushed them away…

But it definitely does matter that your halo –


Is purely yours TODAY


If I were to tell you

That wings are for free

That skies won’t thunder

And the Sun will not blind your eye

And that a soft breeze is going to pamper

Your heart and your soul

Will you then

Take the flight

And venture against


And all that held you back.

Tell me if wings were free

Would you then take the flight

Would you rise

Would you soar…

All gratitude to Eugenia’s weekly word Prompt Soar.

Weekly Prompt – Mingle

eden of mirth
hues and resplendent days
transcending shapes

defying normalcy
seeking to mingle
with boundaries unheard

this is the horizon
where all quests end
and answers are dug out

from deeper crevices
the why and how
of every dimension…

© Shalini

A short poem based on Eugenia’s weekly prompt – Mingle. I hope I have done the word appropriate justice.


They said…

That the world holds promises
They decreed pleasure and fun
And an obituary of grief and hindrances…

They said..

Pain will not last forever,
That joy will find its way
And all that pricked and hurt
Will solemnly go away…

Only time…

Taught me well,
That choices will define my spectrum

That travel was the key
To cease all the humdrum…

In response to the writing prompt by

What beats inside…

No matter what the drums have echoed
No matter the stalling again
No matter how slow the climb uphill has been
No matter how long it took
For your favourite flowers to bloom…

If the hermitage within
still smells divine…
and the incense lingers in the air.
If the walls of your home
still smile with memories alive
and warmth dances with flair…

Then no matter how it blazes
on the outside.
Then no matter how much the reality
threatens to loosen hold on the tide.
Then no matter how farther
seems the dreaded line…

The true sapphire that rests within
will someday
find its own shine.

And every drum will beat
To the rhythm

Of love –
Yours and Mine.

I was…

I was…
Living each day as it comes,
With everything falling in place.

With words on the periphery
Stationed in the throat…

The climb uphill was nasty
It took a while to shrug delusions.
The summit too,
Farther than yesterday…

The scaling won’t stop
Not for all the unseen slips
Along the way…

Some days the trek is better
When rainbows intersperse the inward eye…
Hues so well defined,
As if,
Real, but too…

And we sailed…

The winds were blowing
Towards us
We knew it
Even before the storm took charge
Of all that remained…

That silence
Till the next track plays
The lacuna in
The carefully woven pattern

We were like
Voyagers in the unchartered sea

We knew there are waves
That can tear the sails…

Yet we sailed…


Did it not strike you
That this would one day
Come to an end

That the waves would recede
And the showers would descend

That the clouds would shed
Whatever little they held

That the storm would unleash
Over shores that fairies beheld

Did it not strike you
To capture the rays
Before the sun could set

How could you
Let it all be

As if
You had
The eternity…

– Shalini

For more short poems, read Messiah

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