Cascading hues

Dreaded words

Inebriated dawn

Demented herds..

All and sundry

In one cocoon

Taking turns

Kissing the moon…

Someone stood up
Shook the heaven
Striding away
Far from the den…

Inflated egos
Passive dominants
All following suit
Mute applicants…


Everytime she wanders
Into flower beds and spring
She sleepwalks towards
Incepted realities….

Everytime she oversteps
Lines and confines
She discerns deeper…
Deeper, wider boundaries

Everytime she feels
The clang of bells
Is the destination;
She is stuck at the start

The only time the tides
Is when she takes wings…
Beyond dreams and confines
And the moon stays
With carnations and rings…

– Shalini

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