It is true that,

She is her own messiah….

That she has purged her own self,

Of plagues and despair

That threatend to take her breath away…..


It is true that,

She is her own divinity.

That she has uplifted her soul

When all belief and love

Was challenged and abused every day…..


It is true that

She is her own messiah,

And has taken the highest wave….

That most men were scared

To ride upon lest they should sway…..


It is true that

She is her own Sun,

Who has, with deliberate ease,

Hovered  through the darkest dungeon,

Dazzling it with a blinding ray…….


It is true that

She is her own reason,

To smile, love and be merry,

And has learnt it hard…..

That nothing can forever stay…..





It is March,

The month of her Spring,

When a soothing cold breeze…

Whiffs away the demons within.


It is March,

The season of her smile,

When every flower beckons at her with…

A promise divine.


It is March,

The return of her being,

When gushing daisies…..

Rustle and bespeak perforce,

Words of true love.


It is March,

The echo of her soul,

When valleys smile…

Enamoured by her will,

And demure persistence.


— Shalini.

The horizon

Whenever you breathe,

And smell the fog

Does it not become clear

That every breath counts, that every morning is a miracle

And that love abounds…


Worthlessness may be dreary 

And may seep in everyday

But then,

Wait for the morning,

It may 


What the mirror couldn’t-

Ever betray…


One fine day,

Love will find a way

Of revealing who you truly are

And if that is not convincing enough

Just see…

How the earth 

Kissed the sky today…

Affirmations #13

To take a leap of faith and invest in whims,

To ride beyond the tracks which lead to inns,

To know steadfastness is a virtue,

That is awed and worshipped.

To not wonder where the end is…

To rest in my own hermitage,

To not wait for approval,

To type as long as fingers cease to exist,

To be…

To be what I promised myself to be

A Hope-

In Adversity

A force-

In all deriding conservativity…..

Affirmations #6

Look within,

All answers reside.


Look outside,

Questions beguile.


Seek nothing,

And all surround.


Seek much,

And nothing is found.


Love madly,

And feel empty inside.


Love unconditionally,

And fill every crevice,

No matter how wide.


It is absolutely true, when you surrender in entirety, an unregistered view charters out of nowhere and wholesomeness follows.


What matters more?

To participate or to be the witness
To see the change or be the change
To envision the spectrum or to let it be white

To let the clouds rain or to wait for thunder
To paint some shreds or to color the whole canvas
To devour all the fragrance or to inhale just what feels right

To accept the reality or meander among dreamy landscape

To know when to stop or to keep moving with panache

To be content with whatever you have or to hanker after what seems alluring

What matters more…

To be as you are

Or to emulate

A seemingly brighter star.

What do you hold within

Today I spoke to a student I have been mentoring over the past few days. He is, well, he is special if you understand. He, he is, dyslexic, has OCD, with slow grasping power and needs special attention. We have these students in our school. They have easier curriculum and subjects. So did he. But the problem is something else.

The session started with discovering that the child needed special attention and needed to be a part of the SEN Department, The Special Education Needs cell. He has been shifted, from my class to this other one that caters to his needs. The thing is, he calls me everyday. Without fail. For the one month he was with me, I have no idea what it was, he grew close.

And now when he calls and talks in broken syllables, all he manages to say is ….. “Ma’am, they have taken me away, I want you…you… you…you are are a very good teacher”

This is what he hung up with.

What followed was a series of calls to the school counselor who assured me it will be taken care of.

His mother called especially to express gratitude. What in the world can be more gratifying than having someone who treats your child as his/her own. I can sense that.

As teachers, this is what our days, evening walks…are made up of.

As humans, this is what our humanity surmises.

And as women, this is what we hold within.

The sanity and the groundedness.

Parenting Tips

No, these are not actually parenting tips. These are snippets of self attained wisdom accidentally hammered while handling nasty situations at home. The subsequent lockdowns have all the more made us confront our teen day in and day out. Now we can’t seem to decide who is stepping over whose boundaries.

Yes, boundaries. Wait, did your cat hear this? The macavity lurks in corners, drenched in gadgets and books and will storm into the kitchen when hungry, grab it’s meal and again disappear like forever. As if it wasn’t there. And you’d better not notice it, else the fangs…you know them well by now.

Taking this further, I jotted these down while the cat meowed all the while we drove around town. Today, I have insisted that I want the back seat, originally the cat’s. And here I mouth some random voices you may well identify with, if you’re parenting a teen.

Avoid all “shoulds

Shoulds like “You should not waste your time.
You should clean up the mess.
You should watch better movies.
Go out.
Make friends.”

Three days, just the three days’ magic works.

Do all that you want them to do. Exercise, don’t look at them. Call your friends, talk loud, but don’t look at your cat lurking in the corner. Cook, but don’t ask for help. Clean, but sing while you do it. Eat, but don’t ask them if they’re hungry. Yes, yes….do all this and more….for THREE DAYS!!!

It works.

Every second around them is an investment.

Yes, the gold capital that turns out immense returns. That collar of hers you wanted to put right while she shrugged you away….? That, that is an investment.

Look, but don’t stare

This is an infallible word from a teenager’s mom. Look at them, and be concious of what your eyes show. Mine knows me from the way I stack utensils in the racks, the sound I make , the speed at which I walk. If my sounds are noticeable, she’s the first to react… WHAT’S WRONG NOW!!!

Do not give instructions

Tell your rebel cat that you are in a fix, and they love to rescue. Believe me when I say, they love to be heroes, knights in shining Armor, that know how you feel. Yes, your heart tugs at them. But they know when you feel low…No, they will not say anything to comfort you. They will only DO. So, don’t instruct, let them see the real you. You are human, you get upset and they are your hero. Period.

Believe them totally

They have an uncanny hunch. When they see something, they keep quiet, but drop you hints. Look out. They mean it if the other kid has been mean or is morally challenged. You’re still a parent. More than a friend. Trust her instinct. Act.

Let them go, they are raring to fly.

They are not yours to keep. Love immensely, hug tight, but know when to let go. If you bind them too close, you deny them opportunities and risks…..risks that make a life complete.

The Fort we built

I may have said this a hundred times before
That the denial is not mine to give away…

I may have looked away a hundred times before
When the Sunlight pierced sharp into the day…

I may have chosen quiet over words
When your echoes became louder in my mind…

I may have decided to rest awhile
When you wanted to chase the grind…

I may have known the tunnel was nearing the end
When the light at the end became clearer…

I may have known the journey was about to end
When your coursing through the forest aggravated my fear…

I may have spoken a lot or too less
When balance was what you sought…

I may have been too much in the head
And you found this insane and self-wrought…

Whatever it was, serene or ravaging
It took years to build the fort
Whose walls, vulnerable to the West Winds
Took one second…

To fall,

Leaving, amidst the sand –


Rummaging for a new land…

The epiphany…

The epiphany of times
Our stepping into wider worlds

With denominators that scream
For attention and clarity
With shrinking spaces
And growing yawns…

The epiphany of times
Our widening horizons

Yet, similar boundaries
To avoid trespassing
Of beliefs and unchartered thoughts
And intolerance…

The epiphany of times
Our common enemies

Yet the cold gaze
And indifferent love
Redefining humanity
With supposed magnanimity

Undeciphered, narrowed…

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