Weekly Prompt – Mingle

eden of mirth
hues and resplendent days
transcending shapes

defying normalcy
seeking to mingle
with boundaries unheard

this is the horizon
where all quests end
and answers are dug out

from deeper crevices
the why and how
of every dimension…

© Shalini

A short poem based on Eugenia’s weekly prompt – Mingle. I hope I have done the word appropriate justice.

Where are we?

Will we ever know what it takes

To maintain our sanctum

Will we ever know how far the horizon is

And from whence this hum

When we had it all,

We had no clue

Whilst we gave it away

We realised what was due

Were we normal then

Or is this the reality

We longed to be home

Amidst some sanity

Now that the world has shrunk

And shields itself in masks

We suddenly want to ride all waves

Claiming to achieve impossible tasks

Oh! Is the the end

Or the heralding of a new world

Is this what we fathomed

Of how fate swirled

All of a sudden

Flashes of days begone

Of mirthful glee return

In waves and flashes

The sojourn within has just begun.


1237127_434474459994748_597966010_nThere are times
When you have fought 
—-and lost
You believe in this game
You believe strongly
That this was not meant to be
That the Sun does always hurt……
Then arrives a cloudy morn
When your eyes trace
The flight of every bird
There is so much grace 
In all you see
And  oh! so intriguingly
The Sun peeps out
As if asking
If he could as much as look at you
With promises to give you warmth;
To be at your beck and call……..
There are times
when we have fought
And lost
And there are times like this 
When we have lost all
And have known the irony of it all………
That its only when you lose;
You find hope to survive
That its only when you are dumped upon a haystack;
The sun begins to shine
That only when the forest is dense
A beautiful patch; a clearing
Welcomes you……
And its oh! so divine
What lies beyond that horizon 
Is not for us to see;
Yet for miles at a stretch
We have millions of worlds to fetch…..
Interstices to fill….
Why is it then…….
we have to fail?
It suffices though, to say
That we have fought
And just when we think it was not meant to be…..
We see the leaves smiling on every single tree……

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