From what we see…

Some of the things
we see,
are not what
they are meant to be…

The drooping bough
laden with ice,
maybe warm inside.

Warmer than hearts,
seemingly welcoming otherwise…

If ever you are,
to stop and see-
the begging bowls…
from hungry eyes,
the wealth in them,
could take you
by surprise.

Where are we?

Will we ever know what it takes

To maintain our sanctum

Will we ever know how far the horizon is

And from whence this hum

When we had it all,

We had no clue

Whilst we gave it away

We realised what was due

Were we normal then

Or is this the reality

We longed to be home

Amidst some sanity

Now that the world has shrunk

And shields itself in masks

We suddenly want to ride all waves

Claiming to achieve impossible tasks

Oh! Is the the end

Or the heralding of a new world

Is this what we fathomed

Of how fate swirled

All of a sudden

Flashes of days begone

Of mirthful glee return

In waves and flashes

The sojourn within has just begun.

No rhyme, nor gilded words this time….

Travel out into unexplored terrains,

And you have no idea,

How deep within you can go…”

It has been quite some time, being occupied with the mundane, when writing took a backseat and I craved to be back here. Visions, images have clouded me all this while interspersed with words and guilt at not having enough time to let them flow out. I have been doing write ups though and penning down scripts of plays at school……but none of this collectively quenches the writer’s thirst that remains insatiate.

And this place here is my nest…where I fly back to at dusk. Since a recent trip to a wonderful heaven, Dhanulti, details of which I will be sharing shortly….I have yearned to tell how it has haunted me all these days.


This was when I stood at the edge and saw clouds and mist float by ceaselessly that timelessness took its toll and I was nagged at for stalling others in the trek.


I was lost here, I still am…..when I see these clicks. So much in our lives is so ordinary, so puny, so not needed….


For the first time ever, probably so, I’m at a loss of words, rhyme or verse. I wish to say nothing and only let the solitude speak………….


Here we could hear our echo, literally, a little “discovery” the kids made and the impalpable delight at the valley calling us back………..


It drizzled, made us shiver and sit close, huddled and we felt so like innocent lambs, vulnerable, when suddenly the mist would disappear……..


This is what we drove through all the while, and in my mind, I still meander on these roads.

There is still more to it and while I glide through these pictures, one particular music from the movie “Roja” keeps striking back……….

I haven’t seen this movie again since I saw it first some twenty years back……phew…..that makes me sound old…….but, honestly, the music still haunts.

I do not intend to word this post…….just memories and music……..I lived through……I know for this and more……

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