I hear the shuffling,

The slithering train,

Banter inaudible,
Pages turning,
as if to whisper
To make it known,
to me,
to all..

That oblivion isn’t the cure.

Oft have I tried to understand
That noise is the key,
To unlock some peace.

(Yet the fastener doesn’t open
The lock is of ingenious make,
It refuses to divulge,
The secrets it withholds…)

If noise can unlock
A little peace…

Wonder what too much
Silence could do.

-@ Shalini


Look at you

Had you any inkling, of how original you were

How your curvy tresses, unkempt, were the cascades of Eden

And how you uttered words of supposed cacophony that launched ships

Did you know

That it did not matter how they looked at you

But it does matter how you see yourself

Look at you, rising from the wreckage, embracing storms…

Look at your threshold

At the Aurora you became, and the Sun in his chariot, seeking your aproval…

to ascend.

Just –

Look at you…

By heart.

She did not know what lay beyond the horizon, yet the journey went on…

She had no idea of the way winds would rummage the leaves, yet she kept meandering through…

She did not wonder how deep the trenches were, yet the castle seemed close somehow…

She did not know who controlled the skies…


The lake mirrored her…

That was when she knew,

And has known it since.

By heart.


A little less sunnier

A little more cloudy

Tha haze today

Undid all till midday

The lesser the eye could fathom

The more the mind could grasp

The lesser my shadow shrank

The taller I became.

Words, why do they sting…

Deliberations of the mind

Sometimes do not suffice,

To quench the rampant waters

That fall on stagnant ice.


If the Hemlock could relieve,

The reverie of a torn mind,

And the green beyond the horizon,

Could flower an arid wild.


Words, why do they sting

When they were meant to soothe

Why does the mind perceive

That which wasn’t meant to be…

Affirmations #10

If ever the sky were to say
“Coop inside for I am going to fall.”

If ever the clouds burst
Just when I chartered a path.

If the waves rose higher
Than the tallest mast…


To seek my own riverbank
And to let the sky fall deeper…

And while the clouds roar louder
To seek that forgotten hermitage
And let the waves run asunder…

For what hyperbolic realm,
Can further heighten
That, which is already sublime.


Which destiny can undermine
That, which is already entwined…

Affirmations #8

If a morning is sunny enough

To not wonder where clouds are…


If the dew drops still shine

To not wonder why the grass isn’t dry…


If the cuckoo sings aloft the hill

To not want the nightingale too…


If a path today is closed

To take the other …

And not deny the novel sight

About to unfold.

Affirmations #6

Look within,

All answers reside.


Look outside,

Questions beguile.


Seek nothing,

And all surround.


Seek much,

And nothing is found.


Love madly,

And feel empty inside.


Love unconditionally,

And fill every crevice,

No matter how wide.


It is absolutely true, when you surrender in entirety, an unregistered view charters out of nowhere and wholesomeness follows.



If I were to tell you

That wings are for free

That skies won’t thunder

And the Sun will not blind your eye

And that a soft breeze is going to pamper

Your heart and your soul

Will you then

Take the flight

And venture against


And all that held you back.

Tell me if wings were free

Would you then take the flight

Would you rise

Would you soar…

All gratitude to Eugenia’s weekly word Prompt Soar.

All that is…

What is this
That tests my hopes so…

What is this colour in the sky
That repels and is so loud…

What is the rush in the waves
That seems to devour every shore…

What is this…this roar
That silently lurks in every corner…

What is this garden
That doesn’t let the winds in…

What is this speech
That is scared of being mouthed…

If this is what the world is
What then is the release
What is the way out…

What is that door
Beyond the cacophany…

What is that grass
Overly green, like Paradise…

What is this shift
From boredom to ecstasy…

What is this world

That lives on in uncertainty.


You may look up the book ‘Messiah’ for my collection of short poems.

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