The Fort we built

I may have said this a hundred times before
That the denial is not mine to give away…

I may have looked away a hundred times before
When the Sunlight pierced sharp into the day…

I may have chosen quiet over words
When your echoes became louder in my mind…

I may have decided to rest awhile
When you wanted to chase the grind…

I may have known the tunnel was nearing the end
When the light at the end became clearer…

I may have known the journey was about to end
When your coursing through the forest aggravated my fear…

I may have spoken a lot or too less
When balance was what you sought…

I may have been too much in the head
And you found this insane and self-wrought…

Whatever it was, serene or ravaging
It took years to build the fort
Whose walls, vulnerable to the West Winds
Took one second…

To fall,

Leaving, amidst the sand –


Rummaging for a new land…


They said…

That the world holds promises
They decreed pleasure and fun
And an obituary of grief and hindrances…

They said..

Pain will not last forever,
That joy will find its way
And all that pricked and hurt
Will solemnly go away…

Only time…

Taught me well,
That choices will define my spectrum

That travel was the key
To cease all the humdrum…

In response to the writing prompt by

Just be…

And with the closure around
Somewhere in the periphery
Do you see
What you became
And what you made of me?

Now when it seems
The worst is over
And new skies
Await your flight

Would you venture to go forth
With all that it took
To reach this hilltop
And this hyperbolic tide…

You ought to rest awhile
Let waves carress your foot
Whilst harbingers of joy
With arms open
And promises done…

Just let this once
As you are deemed to be
A little imperfect

A little towards perfection

With momentous glee…

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