Here we are

We have all come a long way, far from the depths of uncertainty and the best thing of all is, we were not in this alone.

We fought, in unison.

We fought, not against a deadly virus, that was just an excuse.

We strove against our worst fears that begin with…What if?

What if I had achieved more?

What if I had loved more?

What if I had explored when I had the time?

What if I could meet all my friends?

So what has kept us afloat is…

An unexpected hope

Of a better Sunrise

That beckons hope and positivity

Of plans that will suffice

That take us to the chosen eternity

Of unexpected emotion

That surpasses all practicality

Of newfound love

For all humanity…










full of purpose

annotating randoms





in the Eden

of her own making.

Just be…

And with the closure around
Somewhere in the periphery
Do you see
What you became
And what you made of me?

Now when it seems
The worst is over
And new skies
Await your flight

Would you venture to go forth
With all that it took
To reach this hilltop
And this hyperbolic tide…

You ought to rest awhile
Let waves carress your foot
Whilst harbingers of joy
With arms open
And promises done…

Just let this once
As you are deemed to be
A little imperfect

A little towards perfection

With momentous glee…


Are you in isolation
Because of an unknown visitor
You had not welcomed?

Does it make you feel distanced
From human connection
So vital to your existence…

Have you used this interim
To reflect on ways of the world
You never glanced upon before…

Did you change the way you think
Or kept cursing the countries
For blatant and irresponsible behaviour…

Have you reached an understanding
With your inner self
And resolved to cherish the little niceties…

Like a new recliner in the lounge
You never bothered to slouch into

That unread book peering at you
From the forlorn shelf…

What is more
Did your heart now overflow
With gratitude
For those who were isolated outside

So you could remain warm and safe within…


The corridors are empty, and carry traces of ebullient chatter, we take so much for granted, this for sure is clear…

The class boards ache for words, scribbled in maniacal hurry, we thought it was forever, this for sure was an error…

The fields and the stage, they have this crazy outage, they say they miss you, this is rather unclear…

The Art Rooms and the labs, sometimes behave frenzied, hoping you’d come along, they think you’re just turning around the corner….

Then there is the library, that plops up books randomly, hoping you’re around, wondering if you have kept intact, your reading fervour…

Then it is me, outside my class, with folded hands, smiling within, waiting for latecomers, to catch you by the ears…

A pandemic would last so long, we had never envisaged, now that we’ve healed, please do come back…☺️

My heart stopped when I was Ten…

I lost my voice
When I was nine…

I can speak well
But words are not mine.

My heart stopped beating
When I was Ten…

It still beats
But the rhythm is broken.

I haven’t seen
Since I was five…

I decipher images
But the vision is not alive.

I haven’t talked
Since I was eleven…

I speak to people
But lies are a given.

(Chuckle, inspired by what my teen made me see… BTS addressing the UNICEF, this one statement….’My heart stopped beating when I was nine’…set the tone for tonight)


It’s just today

That she has given in
To the lost terrain
And has allowed
The creepers to block the way

It’s just today

That she has refrained
The flowers
From blooming

It’s just today

That the rain falls…
Her whims and fancies
Will finally give way

A Hurricane….
Will follow…

Till then

We shall wait.


Everytime she wanders
Into flower beds and spring
She sleepwalks towards
Incepted realities….

Everytime she oversteps
Lines and confines
She discerns deeper…
Deeper, wider boundaries

Everytime she feels
The clang of bells
Is the destination;
She is stuck at the start

The only time the tides
Is when she takes wings…
Beyond dreams and confines
And the moon stays
With carnations and rings…

– Shalini



Time and again, rummaging through the deepest sore

Yearning for tomorrow, you have destinies galore….

You strive forever, distancing from the crowd

To focus more on the fight, to uncover the shroud.


It is here, it is now;

As you witness the surmounting waves

Your one last chance remains……

Just this one ride, this exodus from the past

Astonished you will be

At how much of you sails…..


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