A little less sunnier

A little more cloudy

Tha haze today

Undid all till midday

The lesser the eye could fathom

The more the mind could grasp

The lesser my shadow shrank

The taller I became.

Affirmations #13

To take a leap of faith and invest in whims,

To ride beyond the tracks which lead to inns,

To know steadfastness is a virtue,

That is awed and worshipped.

To not wonder where the end is…

To rest in my own hermitage,

To not wait for approval,

To type as long as fingers cease to exist,

To be…

To be what I promised myself to be

A Hope-

In Adversity

A force-

In all deriding conservativity…..


Have you ever felt burdened, with nothingness and a void that challenges you every second and puts everything in the wrong perspective. You hold back and wait, till the storm clears out and sense returns to all that has been rising in flames within. It is at times like this when even words fail to come to your rescue…….


sometimes I have scattered words,

obliterating the erstwhile noise….

so rapidly they come and go

I try to hold them and devise….

ways to keep them forever

like stars that forever shine….



yesterday too, they did decline,

vociferously telling me….

to keep within me

all that is mine…..



i told them i needed time….

to ensure that they registered fine.


the scattered words,

they have flown out of rhyme…..

tugging at my soul,

each night, a little more sublime…..


I hold them closer,

lest they float adrift

One more time…..


Affirmations #12

Be Aurora’s kindling and all that it needs

Be the armour that sustains and shields

Be the fathomless sky and the deep blue sea

In space and time, take that forlorn leap

Even if heights do scare,

Mornings like these,

Might be rare…


For the Sun to be brighter and a Halo to be found, the dark was darker and the night was longer.

For a tranquil morning to unfold, the inevitable storm had to unleash upon the sleepy horizon.

For every flower that bloomed, another had to vacate the throne.

For every smile to curl around the lips, some tears we had to own.

Where the night never happened…

She knew the path well

The one that took her


All was still

And hope shone

Like a yellow bright flower


The leaves were greener

And the warm Sun

Kissed every dew drop


The night never happened..

She knew the path well,

Yet every step

Is to be well discerned

For it is not just her

An entire cosmos

Has been birthed

From her womb,

That awaits

Her care,

Her concern…

Words, why do they sting…

Deliberations of the mind

Sometimes do not suffice,

To quench the rampant waters

That fall on stagnant ice.


If the Hemlock could relieve,

The reverie of a torn mind,

And the green beyond the horizon,

Could flower an arid wild.


Words, why do they sting

When they were meant to soothe

Why does the mind perceive

That which wasn’t meant to be…


“What do you want to do?”

“Umm, talk…?”

“No, I asked what is it that you want to DO….”

“Ok, then, you say.”

“Let’s drive around.”

“Okay, sounds better…”

Affirmations #10

If ever the sky were to say
“Coop inside for I am going to fall.”

If ever the clouds burst
Just when I chartered a path.

If the waves rose higher
Than the tallest mast…


To seek my own riverbank
And to let the sky fall deeper…

And while the clouds roar louder
To seek that forgotten hermitage
And let the waves run asunder…

For what hyperbolic realm,
Can further heighten
That, which is already sublime.


Which destiny can undermine
That, which is already entwined…

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