क्या ज़रूरी है…

क्या यह ज़रूरी है कि हर बात

बताई जाए?

क्यो न आज

रात खामोशी में गुजा़री जाए।

और अब जब सैलाब थम सा गया है

तो फिर किस लिए

कश्ती को

बेवजह ही दोषी करार दिया जाए…

क्या ज़रूरी है कि हर बात

बताई जाए…

Affirmations #9

To still look up

At the blazing Sun

Even if it fires the sky.


To not bother

If the glare is too harsh

But to find a secret shade.


To never ask



To say,

I’ll try…

Affirmations #8

If a morning is sunny enough

To not wonder where clouds are…


If the dew drops still shine

To not wonder why the grass isn’t dry…


If the cuckoo sings aloft the hill

To not want the nightingale too…


If a path today is closed

To take the other …

And not deny the novel sight

About to unfold.

Affirmations #7

To not discredit self

To take each day as it comes.


To unapologetically stray

From all that pervades

and rattles the calm within…


To understand

that cordiality is strength

and surrender is not weakness

that the spine need not bend,

to defame and perceived notions…

defined by others.

Affirmations #6

Look within,

All answers reside.


Look outside,

Questions beguile.


Seek nothing,

And all surround.


Seek much,

And nothing is found.


Love madly,

And feel empty inside.


Love unconditionally,

And fill every crevice,

No matter how wide.


It is absolutely true, when you surrender in entirety, an unregistered view charters out of nowhere and wholesomeness follows.


Teacher’s Tale…

What is it like to guide and teach,

And hold hands through the direst storms.


What does it take to understand

And nod and decipher

The intent beyond the hesitant gaze,

The half raised, curious hand.


What is it like to be the one

To be emulated and looked upon.


I had thought it would be difficult

To set example and lead,

To have people depend on you,

For guidance and for love…


The further I travel;

The lesser I need to worry,


Because all it takes is –

Medicine and love

Pure intent and eagerness

Being the true self and

Simply knowing the gestures;

That sometimes make up for words.


To see the light in that one student’s eye…

To walk up and say

“Tell me, I’m there.

It doesn’t matter,

Once again, we’ll try.”

© Shalini

Of daughters and marriages…

You took a seed..
planted it somewhere.

‘It has its own destiny.’
You say

Whether it transforms
Or lies dormant
You do not stay…

Why then
Did you decide
Where to sow,
When you detach yourself
From its course

You say now
It isn’t yours
When every leaf on its tree
You count and watch…

You took a seed
Planted it just anywhere
And then
You complained
Of vagaries
Storms and despair…


The sky would have been bluer,
And the roses redder,
The greens would have been greener,
And the grey … less greyer.

If only I knew
It would take so little

So little, to be free…

So little,
To be me.

Affirmations #4

If I had to choose;
Between the wilds,
And the spotless way.
I’d take to the wilds,
Like April gives in to May.

And then if uncertainty,
Jeers from the trees-
I will smile back this time-
Because I can choose to not see
And walk away…

Affirmations #3

A different view faces the house today

And as always –

He tells her not to pay heed,

To the change outside.


But as always,

She puts her coffee mug down,

And sails away.


Out, away, to see close up –

To feel, and then decide…

To go ahead,

And to come back –

Renewed, redefined…

But no more –


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