via Daily Prompt: Relieved



Rumbles dying,

She has resurfaced

Sublime, with grace

Slightly rummaged….


What is this….

The lilting steps,

She glides with ease…

Every breath swells.


From where

He ceased to be,

She broke the tangles

And averred,

That this was a decree.


Every time

He recedes,

She paves further

Only this time……

She seems Relieved



In Triumph….


So, where do I stand.

In Triumph,

Or in defeat.


I have won my heart over;

Bruised by lethal daggers,

I have risen beyond all hurt.

Unaffected, I tread pastures.


So, do I stand in triumph

Or is my purpose defeated.


Failure doesn’t affect me,

I have a heart of steel…

And whether it is love

In your eyes,

Or a humane concern,

I cannot feel.


It doesn’t bother me

Whether you smile or fake it,

I still feel loved……

I’m still at the summit.


So, is this my triumph,

Or do I stand defeated…

yet again…..






via Daily Prompt: Distant

It is a wonder how our lives transform every waking day. The changes are obstructed from our sight and senses.This is a very powerful word and could mean the world to a receptive soul or mean nothing to a carefree spirit. When we walk in the realms of life, its prismatic views and images, we are confronted with a myriad of emotions. Some of these leave an indelible mark, forever etch themselves on our souls.

It is like you leaped into the sea and got so carried over with feverish strokes that you had no time to ponder how far you are from the shore. Only when you pause for breath in between, you realise that the shore is so far away. And you get that sinking feeling. You wonder if you could make it back to the shore with the same rhythm and energy. No, you cannot. You do swim back, full of lethargy and the loss you have been feeling. You return back to a different stretch of the shore and lie down heaving heavily, gasping for breath.

Now, imagine a relationship where you have swum with similar ease and dexterity. You are so much engrossed in going deeper each day that you don’t realise how the crutch has disabled you from walking on your own. Very soon, as the crutch is removed, you feel distant and this word hits you in all magnanimity.

And as you struggle each day to stand on your own, this word becomes so much a part of your system that you inadvertently derive infinite strength from it. This word becomes your elixir and you like a phoenix, emerge from the debris, scarred, renewed…….’distant’.



via Daily Prompt: Imaginary


She had known this all the while,

and wonder never ceased to be,

At how much pleasure

Could be derived

Only through the ‘Imaginary’.


There were footprints she had treasured,

Waves she had surmounted,

To chase the horizon,

Glorified and beckoning………..


And the wonder never ceased to be……..

Just how much pleasure

Could be derived

Only with the ‘Imaginary’


In the recesses of her mind,

In the birdhouses and holes in trees,

She has dwelt among the chirpings,

And flapped wings with

The sky’s travellers….


Yet, her wonder never ceases to be………..

Just how much pleasure

She can always derive,

By falling in love, everyday,

With the ‘Imaginary’


Just wondering…..

And thus the terrain, enchanted and bewitched……..ended.

She has walked for miles, barefoot, on the hard, wobbly gravel and never felt a pinch of the hurt.

But as the terrain withdraws into a butter-silk meandering path lined by lusty green foliage, every step hurts………

Such is the life we live. When the road ahead is stormy and beset with dire obstacles, a sudden gust of riveting energy enthuses from every pore and fills every molecule. This boundless wave can swing around the deadliest whirlpool and help you swim to the safe shore. But when the storm settles, even a tiny gust  of dirt-storm can drop you face down with a thump.

Do we?

Did the Sun get to know?

When the Sunflower turned away

Even when

It continued to brighten up

Every alley, every day……..


Did the wind get to know,

When the resilient tree stood still

Even when

It blew mighty strong

Through every forest, every hill…….


Did the rain get to know,

How a sparrow was undrenched

Even when

It showered so profund

That every heart was flooded……


Do we,

In all the love we spread…….

Ever ponder,

On what was left undone

Which could have,

Blossomed, drenched or swayed

A thirsty soul yonder……..