The horizon

Whenever you breathe,

And smell the fog

Does it not become clear

That every breath counts, that every morning is a miracle

And that love abounds…


Worthlessness may be dreary 

And may seep in everyday

But then,

Wait for the morning,

It may 


What the mirror couldn’t-

Ever betray…


One fine day,

Love will find a way

Of revealing who you truly are

And if that is not convincing enough

Just see…

How the earth 

Kissed the sky today…

Udaan(The flight)

“सुबह की किरणों को रोकें, जो सलाखें है कहाँ
जो खयालों पे पहरे डाले वो आँखें है कहाँ
पर खुलने की देरी है परिंदे उड़ के चूमेंगे
आसमां आसमां आसमां…”

Been listening to this number on loop and it does not cease to evoke the wonder called hope amidst all despair.

Let me first translate the above lines for you:

” Which mesh can ever stop the sun’s rays
Where are the eyes that can curtain thoughts

It’s just a matter of time when birds are free and they’ll kiss the sky…”

(Can’t say that I’ve done justice to the translation.) Hear it for yourself..
(Song from the movie “Udaan”)

Hope is certainly a thing with feathers. In the midst of all the fear of the unknown, making frantic calls to friends and relatives, ensuring their physical and mental well being, HOPE…is still alive.

As Indians, we are a resilient race, true… But this time, the truth is grimmer than ever. Blaming lack of preparedness, infrastructure, foresight…none of it is bringing back the lost lives. We seek solace in each other’s company, praying…feeling the shower of gratitude drench our souls…,hoping, all will be fine.

When dawns fall short
And the flowers blossom timidly
To ensure if it is the Sun’s warmth
Or an ensnaring blaze that beckons…

When the birdlet wonders
If the twigs belong to her nest
Or if it is the hunter’s snare
That puts her faith to test…

When eyes see the rain
Falling free on the threshold
Yet shut their periphery, to wonder
If the wetness was begotten by tears manifold…

It is then that hands rise to the skies
Seeking benevolence from the mightiest…

It is then that hope refuses to die
Seeking permanent hope, a forever respite.

(P.S. – This post is not meant to generate any biased response, just an impromptu reaction to this stimulus called despair. Hoping all this dissolves into better times…somehow)

What beats inside…

No matter what the drums have echoed
No matter the stalling again
No matter how slow the climb uphill has been
No matter how long it took
For your favourite flowers to bloom…

If the hermitage within
still smells divine…
and the incense lingers in the air.
If the walls of your home
still smile with memories alive
and warmth dances with flair…

Then no matter how it blazes
on the outside.
Then no matter how much the reality
threatens to loosen hold on the tide.
Then no matter how farther
seems the dreaded line…

The true sapphire that rests within
will someday
find its own shine.

And every drum will beat
To the rhythm

Of love –
Yours and Mine.

And we sailed…

The winds were blowing
Towards us
We knew it
Even before the storm took charge
Of all that remained…

That silence
Till the next track plays
The lacuna in
The carefully woven pattern

We were like
Voyagers in the unchartered sea

We knew there are waves
That can tear the sails…

Yet we sailed…


Did it not strike you
That this would one day
Come to an end

That the waves would recede
And the showers would descend

That the clouds would shed
Whatever little they held

That the storm would unleash
Over shores that fairies beheld

Did it not strike you
To capture the rays
Before the sun could set

How could you
Let it all be

As if
You had
The eternity…

– Shalini

For more short poems, read Messiah


Aspired and denigrated

Whilst we stand here

Not knowing where to go…

Let us take a step back

Discover what was there

Already hidden in the flow…

And while the storms rage

Till the world settles in a hum

Why not play in the backyard

Sheltered from all the chaos…

Come, let us be

As kids when we were

Not escaping the reality…

But by being what we were

Told the adults


There is joy in humanity


There is fun in uninamity


All fear is lost in familiarity…


There is more…

To Equality.

The same Sun…

Someday I will tell her
How much I long
To have her by my side….

Someday she will know
How every whiff of the wind
Feels like she breathed inside…

Sometimes I feel her
Slipping away
To places unheard of…

Sometimes I tell her so
And she shrugs
To say that is naught…

Someday I will take her
To places she
Would never have surmised…

Someday she will see
How much I gaze
At every line on her face…

Till I find her

And tell her

All about my whims

I wish
She is looking at

The same Sun

That meanders into her threshold

As well as mine…

Here we are

We have all come a long way, far from the depths of uncertainty and the best thing of all is, we were not in this alone.

We fought, in unison.

We fought, not against a deadly virus, that was just an excuse.

We strove against our worst fears that begin with…What if?

What if I had achieved more?

What if I had loved more?

What if I had explored when I had the time?

What if I could meet all my friends?

So what has kept us afloat is…

An unexpected hope

Of a better Sunrise

That beckons hope and positivity

Of plans that will suffice

That take us to the chosen eternity

Of unexpected emotion

That surpasses all practicality

Of newfound love

For all humanity…

Of vows and forever…

It was sealed with a kiss,

This pact to remain forever
To dance in the breeze together
To take a sip whenever
Of life’s nectar every summer

So she asked him
On the morrow of whenever
Do we dance like this by this river
Or sway by the music in December

He had to tell her
Sooner than never
That certain shifts
Were meant to be
That certain vows
Just had to be

A storm would definitely rise

Till a life together

They could surmise…


Collection of short poems

Did I tuck you in well today?

Have I told you….

That I’d hold your hand

Forever, and never sway

Have I told you?

That I am the mast,

And the sail.

That our ship is steadfast.

Did I tuck you in well today?

When slumber crept into your room,

And dreams danced about your bed.

Did I ask the moon,

To whisk away your worst dread.

Have I told you lately?

You are beautiful and fragile.

That you have an angel…..

For every little mile.

Did I tuck you in well today?

Have I made you strong?

To the very Core

Admonished all your doubts,

And made you very sure.

Have I….

Have I…….

Loved you with all my might,

Fiercer than the wind

That blows tonight…….


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