The horizon

Whenever you breathe,

And smell the fog

Does it not become clear

That every breath counts, that every morning is a miracle

And that love abounds…


Worthlessness may be dreary 

And may seep in everyday

But then,

Wait for the morning,

It may 


What the mirror couldn’t-

Ever betray…


One fine day,

Love will find a way

Of revealing who you truly are

And if that is not convincing enough

Just see…

How the earth 

Kissed the sky today…

The Legend is no more…

My drive to and fro to work day before was pleasant and had me singing aloud. It was because somebody died.

No, I am not insensitive, just that the someone who died is still alive.

Amongst us.

Shaking our senses with melodies that will never die. Lata Mangeshkar left us.

Huge, big, big, loss we say.

But look at the FM channels, they kept playing such heart wrenching beautiful numbers.

I almost cried listening to songs of ‘Rudaali’

“….O more chandramaa…Teri Chaandni ang jalaye
Unchi tor ataari
Maine pankh liye katwaaye….

Dil hum hum kare….
Ghabraaye… ek boond kabhi paani ki

Meri ankhiyon se barsaaye…”

It took a demise to shake things in such a magnanimous way. Why is it so with the world?

That when loss is evident, the gathering starts.
That when distance is clear, we start moving forward.

Why is it, when fire consumes all, a soothing shade lifts the pall…

By heart.

She did not know what lay beyond the horizon, yet the journey went on…

She had no idea of the way winds would rummage the leaves, yet she kept meandering through…

She did not wonder how deep the trenches were, yet the castle seemed close somehow…

She did not know who controlled the skies…


The lake mirrored her…

That was when she knew,

And has known it since.

By heart.

Affirmations #14

When stars retire and dawn descends

All will be transparent.

The inevitable Sun will draw the curtains,

And once again,

There’d be enough of rays

For each one of us…

To take home.

© Shalini

Words are superpowers.

And each one of has been bestowed with plenty of it. One word can heal, the other can cause ruin beyond repair. Does this not make us God? Does this power not lend us a divine air? And yet, we keep talking, blurting all the time. It’s like this superpower was administered without much thought.

What if we had to pass through a rigorous test to procure the power of speech. What if there was a selection process of sort? What if we were granted a trial period, to test how diligent and cautious we are with them?

What if we could not speak for the rest of our lives if we caused hurt?

What if we are rendered muteness for an entire life if we are careless with our words?

And what if we had to pay enormously for buying our speech back?

How will that change the world?


what took hours for me to understand

was understood by else

in just a little time

if the world could see

what I saw with closed eyes

the volcanoes would not have thundered

and all the winds

could have rested awhile…


A little less sunnier

A little more cloudy

Tha haze today

Undid all till midday

The lesser the eye could fathom

The more the mind could grasp

The lesser my shadow shrank

The taller I became.

Affirmations #13

To take a leap of faith and invest in whims,

To ride beyond the tracks which lead to inns,

To know steadfastness is a virtue,

That is awed and worshipped.

To not wonder where the end is…

To rest in my own hermitage,

To not wait for approval,

To type as long as fingers cease to exist,

To be…

To be what I promised myself to be

A Hope-

In Adversity

A force-

In all deriding conservativity…..


Have you ever felt burdened, with nothingness and a void that challenges you every second and puts everything in the wrong perspective. You hold back and wait, till the storm clears out and sense returns to all that has been rising in flames within. It is at times like this when even words fail to come to your rescue…….


sometimes I have scattered words,

obliterating the erstwhile noise….

so rapidly they come and go

I try to hold them and devise….

ways to keep them forever

like stars that forever shine….



yesterday too, they did decline,

vociferously telling me….

to keep within me

all that is mine…..



i told them i needed time….

to ensure that they registered fine.


the scattered words,

they have flown out of rhyme…..

tugging at my soul,

each night, a little more sublime…..


I hold them closer,

lest they float adrift

One more time…..


Affirmations #12

Be Aurora’s kindling and all that it needs

Be the armour that sustains and shields

Be the fathomless sky and the deep blue sea

In space and time, take that forlorn leap

Even if heights do scare,

Mornings like these,

Might be rare…

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