Words are superpowers.

And each one of has been bestowed with plenty of it. One word can heal, the other can cause ruin beyond repair. Does this not make us God? Does this power not lend us a divine air? And yet, we keep talking, blurting all the time. It’s like this superpower was administered without much thought.

What if we had to pass through a rigorous test to procure the power of speech. What if there was a selection process of sort? What if we were granted a trial period, to test how diligent and cautious we are with them?

What if we could not speak for the rest of our lives if we caused hurt?

What if we are rendered muteness for an entire life if we are careless with our words?

And what if we had to pay enormously for buying our speech back?

How will that change the world?

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  1. I like this post.
    I believe that our acquisition of words comes with power and a responsibility to use them carefully.
    My wise mother used to say that a spoken or written word is like a sword. Once drawn out of a scabbard, it is hard to put back.

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    1. 🙂 And what you say here is also profound, Tanishq, thanks a lot for going through and appreciating.
      Come to think of it, words come so easy sometimes when they come, and they make up our entire world.


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