Affirmations #4

If I had to choose;
Between the wilds,
And the spotless way.
I’d take to the wilds,
Like April gives in to May.

And then if uncertainty,
Jeers from the trees-
I will smile back this time-
Because I can choose to not see
And walk away…

Affirmations #3

A different view faces the house today

And as always –

He tells her not to pay heed,

To the change outside.


But as always,

She puts her coffee mug down,

And sails away.


Out, away, to see close up –

To feel, and then decide…

To go ahead,

And to come back –

Renewed, redefined…

But no more –


Affirmations #2

This time the lagoon

Dazzles with the moonlight

And has decided not to let

The waves steal the limelight


This time the lagoon

Stays tranquil despite high tide

Waves may come and go

Or they may simply hide.


The sheen, however, remains

Within every curve,

Around the banks,

On the outside,

And the inside…

Affirmations #1

To let the heart decide

And abandon

What never felt right

To swim where the tide flows

And return when it is night…


Back to the snug cocoon

After a day spent in defining

What colour

Will the sky be…


What matters more?

To participate or to be the witness
To see the change or be the change
To envision the spectrum or to let it be white

To let the clouds rain or to wait for thunder
To paint some shreds or to color the whole canvas
To devour all the fragrance or to inhale just what feels right

To accept the reality or meander among dreamy landscape

To know when to stop or to keep moving with panache

To be content with whatever you have or to hanker after what seems alluring

What matters more…

To be as you are

Or to emulate

A seemingly brighter star.

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