Of concretes…

A Friday Throwback. Those of us in Metropolitans witness these sights almost everywhere. Migrant workers from all across the country suffer endlessly, the green pastures they left behind recur in their dreams…

When I wrote this piece long back, there was a strange tugging at heart while driving back late one night. The concrete looming structures in a big city can be daunting for anyone. Even after many days, the tug remained and manifested itself like this. It was titled…

Of concretes

I dreamt yesterday,

Of rubies and flowers,

Of valleys and rocks,

Of home, and unexpected showers.

And I chased the winds,

With all my might;

I ran among the blossoms

‘Twas all so right…..

It was then,

That the concrete

Slapped me hard

It was so discrete..….

I do not know

How it stole

Into my very being

How it has come to be

Where home used to be…..

I swear I danced,

To lilting melodies,

Unawares I meandered

Amongst pastures and canopies……

Here, amidst choking claws

And demons on roads;

I try to get some sleep.

I dare not dream

For the overbearing structure

Would hurl me down and deep….

So I thrust my dream away;

It doesn’t let me sleep…..

Labour and toil I must,

So the mirage doesn’t creep…..

I have craving mouths to feed…..


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