Is it necessary
To understand the process
And let go…

Is it not easier
To caress the wound
With gentle fortification
And not let it wither away…

Has the pain been wound around?
Waiting in line…

Till the breathe is purer
And every leaf a little more greener…

Reverting to an interesting challenge here https://dversepoets.com/2021/05/17/whats-in-a-word/

13 thoughts on “Wound

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  1. So glad you posted to the prompt! For me, your poem points out that some wounds are best left to heal on their own….to be cared for….there can be a blessing in the healing process.
    Can you do me a favor? Click on the title of your poem….and then look up at the URL….it will now have the exact URL to your poem. Copy that and then go to Mr Linky (in a rectangle at the end of the prompt), click on Mr. Linky. Now on the open line at the right….it may be number 50 or more…the next number, click on that….it will now ask for you name (put how you want to be referred to) and then on the second line, place your cursor there and paste your exact URL to your poem. I apologize if I’m being to elementary here but I do want you to put your link in Mr. Linky. This way many people on dVerse will read your poem and comment on it. If you simply leave your link here in the chat, I fear you won’t get any of the regular dVerse readers to see it. Many of them don’t even comment here in the “Chat” or if they do, they make one comment, don’t read the others, and the go to Mr. Linky to read all the poems. When you go to Mr Linky, that’s where you’ll see the many poems posted to the prompt! πŸ™‚
    Glad to have you here…do hope you’ll put your exact URL on Mr. Linky so many more can enjoy your poem. And hope to see you often at dVerse!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, thank you for being elementary 😁. I didn’t realise the link to Mr. Linky 😐. I’ve done it now. Thank you for the special feedback, Lillian 😊


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