How do you do?

So, how are the days????

And nights????

How far have you come

How did you fare

How far is success still

How do you plan to reach the top

How good are you

How much do you know

How good can you look

How much time do you have

How strategic can you be

How well can you see

How well do you understand

How clear is it now

Do you see our point

Do you fathom our concern

Don’t you want to defeat them all

Don’t you want to fetch it all?


These are questions on your plate.

Deny their existence.

Learn to stolidly look away

At the stars

At the Sun

At the dancing leaves

At the waves lashing

At the mountains

Look look and look

Leave the questions unanswered

Let them float in the air

Till they themselves find a lair

Astound the world

With your denial

And acceptance

With your abashed steel

And softness

With your competence

And your complacency

Will you still feel smothered

If I ask you again…

How are your days

How are your nights..

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