Words & More…

My screen says…start writing. Writing. It rings bells that echo down into the deepest recesses. Writing is closest to my heart, and has yet been the remotest stranger, as if shadowing itself in a corner where I don’t dare to venture.

Drenched in professional write ups, the words have channelled into streamlined waters with hardly any waves or turmoil. It is safer there…that is, when writing is targeted towards a goal. Having penned down uncountable journals, reports, official pages, web posts….the stringent boundaries became more defined. Then the urgency to wind up the day with as less amount of backlog as possible.

Those who identify with this sort of compulsive inclination, will know how it feels. No, I’m not lecturing next about prioritising and all. I am not enumerating Do’s and Don’ts. And I’m not decluttering. I’m trying to break through the confines of measured words, targeted approach, approval seeking writing that clogs the channels that define spontaneity and genuine emotions.

Well, for one, taking each day, every hour, as it comes, till the profoundly worded world returns back to me and I’m one with the cascading and rhythmic flow of words that are allowed to enter anytime, linger and stay…. till that time, I’m right here.

Dancing words

So when you dance around

In my periphery

And closer, till I can grasp

Each one of you,

Treasure, savour, embalm

And nurture you

Till you grow back again.

Keep dancing to the rhythm

That seems newfound

After an intervening pause.

So once I hold you all close


Dance to the beats of my soul.

Build yourselves permanent homes

For the land within yearned habitation

So once you all come

Stay here…

Till I flower your frames

And drench in your aroma

Just stay….


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