It happens only once in a while,

When you unlearn,

All that has been drilled within,

And for an empty mind you yearn…….


It happens quite rare,

That you choose the raging fire

And forgo the well traversed shade,

Till you burn with desire.


It happens only sometimes,

When you scream out loud;

You’ve been ingrained a mellowed tone,

You care not of the crowd…..


Sometimes it so happens,

That you blurt out secrets…..

(When ‘mum’ had been your word)

And all your fear vanishes.



It happens once in a while,

You celebrate your failure;

When all this while they had said

Only winners we endear……


It does happen once in a while…..

You are alone in the deep dark woods,

And you lay yourself bare

Putting aside all “shoulds”.


It so happens awhile

You aren’t in the charade….

You put aside that mask,

You proudly show the world

Every scar, every facade……



Yes, it takes time to unlearn,

But it is worth the while…

What then seeps within,

Races your heart…..

Brings that million dollar smile.





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