And we sailed…

The winds were blowing
Towards us
We knew it
Even before the storm took charge
Of all that remained…

That silence
Till the next track plays
The lacuna in
The carefully woven pattern

We were like
Voyagers in the unchartered sea

We knew there are waves
That can tear the sails…

Yet we sailed…


Did it not strike you
That this would one day
Come to an end

That the waves would recede
And the showers would descend

That the clouds would shed
Whatever little they held

That the storm would unleash
Over shores that fairies beheld

Did it not strike you
To capture the rays
Before the sun could set

How could you
Let it all be

As if
You had
The eternity…

– Shalini

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Aspired and denigrated

Whilst we stand here

Not knowing where to go…

Let us take a step back

Discover what was there

Already hidden in the flow…

And while the storms rage

Till the world settles in a hum

Why not play in the backyard

Sheltered from all the chaos…

Come, let us be

As kids when we were

Not escaping the reality…

But by being what we were

Told the adults


There is joy in humanity


There is fun in uninamity


All fear is lost in familiarity…


There is more…

To Equality.

One Sunrise…

There’s something about the ghats at Varanasi. What makes one wonder is the vastness of nature that initiates strange murmurs in the heart, like those of soft waves on a windy morning like this.

We had set out early, hoping to rub our eyes with the beautiful Sunrise. Alas! It was not to be… The cloudy morn took the Sun in its abode, yet, gave us the charm we carried back happily.

Here, time stood still as the Sun began to peep out, it had risen sometime back though, its glory intact…..

The above view was from Assi Ghat, a place I’ve spent hours lingering… while others walked and clicked pictures.

This enchantress, the mermaid, caught my eyes and while we stood besotted, the daily commuter was either bathing or performing rituals. In short, a commonplace sight for regulars who smirked while we took pictures…

Sometimes a slice of life is enough

And there is no need to

Eat the whole cake

Sometimes a little flight is enough

And there is no need to

Rule the sky

Sometimes just one word of adoration is enough

And there is no need to

Speak volumes to explain why

Sometimes just one sip of the nectar

Is enough to revive

When enormous hours of gruel

Could not make you thrive.

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The same Sun…

Someday I will tell her
How much I long
To have her by my side….

Someday she will know
How every whiff of the wind
Feels like she breathed inside…

Sometimes I feel her
Slipping away
To places unheard of…

Sometimes I tell her so
And she shrugs
To say that is naught…

Someday I will take her
To places she
Would never have surmised…

Someday she will see
How much I gaze
At every line on her face…

Till I find her

And tell her

All about my whims

I wish
She is looking at

The same Sun

That meanders into her threshold

As well as mine…

Here we are

We have all come a long way, far from the depths of uncertainty and the best thing of all is, we were not in this alone.

We fought, in unison.

We fought, not against a deadly virus, that was just an excuse.

We strove against our worst fears that begin with…What if?

What if I had achieved more?

What if I had loved more?

What if I had explored when I had the time?

What if I could meet all my friends?

So what has kept us afloat is…

An unexpected hope

Of a better Sunrise

That beckons hope and positivity

Of plans that will suffice

That take us to the chosen eternity

Of unexpected emotion

That surpasses all practicality

Of newfound love

For all humanity…