Udaan(The flight)

“सुबह की किरणों को रोकें, जो सलाखें है कहाँ
जो खयालों पे पहरे डाले वो आँखें है कहाँ
पर खुलने की देरी है परिंदे उड़ के चूमेंगे
आसमां आसमां आसमां…”

Been listening to this number on loop and it does not cease to evoke the wonder called hope amidst all despair.

Let me first translate the above lines for you:

” Which mesh can ever stop the sun’s rays
Where are the eyes that can curtain thoughts

It’s just a matter of time when birds are free and they’ll kiss the sky…”

(Can’t say that I’ve done justice to the translation.) Hear it for yourself..

(Song from the movie “Udaan”)

Hope is certainly a thing with feathers. In the midst of all the fear of the unknown, making frantic calls to friends and relatives, ensuring their physical and mental well being, HOPE…is still alive.

As Indians, we are a resilient race, true… But this time, the truth is grimmer than ever. Blaming lack of preparedness, infrastructure, foresight…none of it is bringing back the lost lives. We seek solace in each other’s company, praying…feeling the shower of gratitude drench our souls…,hoping, all will be fine.

When dawns fall short
And the flowers blossom timidly
To ensure if it is the Sun’s warmth
Or an ensnaring blaze that beckons…

When the birdlet wonders
If the twigs belong to her nest
Or if it is the hunter’s snare
That puts her faith to test…

When eyes see the rain
Falling free on the threshold
Yet shut their periphery, to wonder
If the wetness was begotten by tears manifold…

It is then that hands rise to the skies
Seeking benevolence from the mightiest…

It is then that hope refuses to die
Seeking permanent hope, a forever respite.

(P.S. – This post is not meant to generate any biased response, just an impromptu reaction to this stimulus called despair. Hoping all this dissolves into better times…somehow)


They said…

That the world holds promises
They decreed pleasure and fun
And an obituary of grief and hindrances…

They said..

Pain will not last forever,
That joy will find its way
And all that pricked and hurt
Will solemnly go away…

Only time…

Taught me well,
That choices will define my spectrum

That travel was the key
To cease all the humdrum…

In response to the writing prompt by http://godoggocafe.com

All that is…

What is this
That tests my hopes so…

What is this colour in the sky
That repels and is so loud…

What is the rush in the waves
That seems to devour every shore…

What is this…this roar
That silently lurks in every corner…

What is this garden
That doesn’t let the winds in…

What is this speech
That is scared of being mouthed…

If this is what the world is
What then is the release
What is the way out…

What is that door
Beyond the cacophany…

What is that grass
Overly green, like Paradise…

What is this shift
From boredom to ecstasy…

What is this world

That lives on in uncertainty.


You may look up the book ‘Messiah’ for my collection of short poems.


Sometimes it’s better to let go…

So today, Revenge, was the word for the day. Talking to a friend, who was overwhelmed with the idea that he had been wronged in ways inexplicable, it was quite natural for him to seek vengeance from the people who had ruined his life…well, not ruined, as a presently well established career bespeaks his strong persona.

That set me thinking, is a revenge seeking inclination good or bad? Does it give a purpose, a steely resolve to take the world by storm? Would he otherwise not have done this, come so far…

Duped in business, marriage, relationships, affairs…we tend to be so heartbroken that the world seems to have come to an end. Then comes the stage of picking the broken pieces together, and reclaiming the strong inner core, which, albeit shattered, appears whole and perfect to others. But if you venture into the alleys of the hearts of such people, the angst is all pervasive.

My friend believes that vengeance gives him an infallible push towards achieving his goals. It doesn’t eat his insides as much as it did. He can talk about it now, make future plans, which also include letting the other down…once he makes it big in life.

What then, will the life force be sapped out, will it remain intact, will the universe comply then with the heart’s desires, will life come to a standstill?

All of us, at some point or the other, have felt as if we have been exploited, denigrated, made to feel lesser and I am no exception. Yes, that did make me want to blurt out, that did make me feel like I need to prove myself exponentially over the top.

But the question is…did that make me happier, did that make me more lovable than I was, did it bring back moments lost in agonising over the words that hurt….??

But to tell a disheartened soul that time will heal is a lame and indifferent way of addressing the issue.

Listen, listen patiently, nod every now and then, look in the eye and just be there to hold hands.

Vengeance is definitely not good, but you can’t just scrape it and throw it’s seeds that easy, let it melt, dissolve and inadvertently flow out.

I guess I have reached my conclusion. Have you?

The Seaman…

The Seaman had it all figured
The ways of the sea were nothing new
He knew when to ride over
And when to let the waves run askew…

The Seaman held the sails
As if it were pure silk
Caressing his palms every morrow
Cherishing every fibre, every fill…

Yet, while the boards do shrink
And creak and whine
His eyes flicker for not a second
Till the storm within rises higher
And voices echo in the head
Like in a deep, deep mine…

The lashing waves have yet
Not deterred his being
He looks ahead from the deck
Strategising, parloring, like a king…

The warrior within chases the storm
Like a falcon dashing
And waiting
Till it could rest it’s claws
Over the sinking headboard
Even before morn…

Till it’s only chance
To rise…


Had to be snatched
From the passing dawn….

The epiphany…

The epiphany of times
Our stepping into wider worlds

With denominators that scream
For attention and clarity
With shrinking spaces
And growing yawns…

The epiphany of times
Our widening horizons

Yet, similar boundaries
To avoid trespassing
Of beliefs and unchartered thoughts
And intolerance…

The epiphany of times
Our common enemies

Yet the cold gaze
And indifferent love
Redefining humanity
With supposed magnanimity

Undeciphered, narrowed…

What beats inside…

No matter what the drums have echoed
No matter the stalling again
No matter how slow the climb uphill has been
No matter how long it took
For your favourite flowers to bloom…

If the hermitage within
still smells divine…
and the incense lingers in the air.
If the walls of your home
still smile with memories alive
and warmth dances with flair…

Then no matter how it blazes
on the outside.
Then no matter how much the reality
threatens to loosen hold on the tide.
Then no matter how farther
seems the dreaded line…

The true sapphire that rests within
will someday
find its own shine.

And every drum will beat
To the rhythm

Of love –
Yours and Mine.