Sun forever…

At times, when the Sun meanders

into my threshold,


I wonder if it is time

to let go….of the shroud

to convince the leaves,

to step aside a little

to let the rays

touch my heart a trifle

sometimes, just once in a while

I leave the doors open

because I know


the Sun will meander,

into my threshold…..

maybe…… forever.

Have you ever been there
To that clearing beyond wonder…

Where dreams flutter
And desires float asunder?

Where sometimes you crush
Dry leaves in a bunch
And love how they crumple.

Where, in a stupor,
You glance timelessly
At the speck you are
And wonder…

How stars beckon
and how winds answer
How leaves dance
To music that does linger…

Where enchanted worlds
Put you to sleep
With soft caresses…

Have you ever been yonder,
And came back to wonder
Which is real?

This darkness…
Or that Thunder.


The corridors are empty, and carry traces of ebullient chatter, we take so much for granted, this for sure is clear…

The class boards ache for words, scribbled in maniacal hurry, we thought it was forever, this for sure was an error…

The fields and the stage, they have this crazy outage, they say they miss you, this is rather unclear…

The Art Rooms and the labs, sometimes behave frenzied, hoping you’d come along, they think you’re just turning around the corner….

Then there is the library, that plops up books randomly, hoping you’re around, wondering if you have kept intact, your reading fervour…

Then it is me, outside my class, with folded hands, smiling within, waiting for latecomers, to catch you by the ears…

A pandemic would last so long, we had never envisaged, now that we’ve healed, please do come back…☺️

My heart stopped when I was Ten…

I lost my voice
When I was nine…

I can speak well
But words are not mine.

My heart stopped beating
When I was Ten…

It still beats
But the rhythm is broken.

I haven’t seen
Since I was five…

I decipher images
But the vision is not alive.

I haven’t talked
Since I was eleven…

I speak to people
But lies are a given.

(Chuckle, inspired by what my teen made me see… BTS addressing the UNICEF, this one statement….’My heart stopped beating when I was nine’…set the tone for tonight)


It’s just today

That she has given in
To the lost terrain
And has allowed
The creepers to block the way

It’s just today

That she has refrained
The flowers
From blooming

It’s just today

That the rain falls…
Her whims and fancies
Will finally give way

A Hurricane….
Will follow…

Till then

We shall wait.


Everytime she wanders
Into flower beds and spring
She sleepwalks towards
Incepted realities….

Everytime she oversteps
Lines and confines
She discerns deeper…
Deeper, wider boundaries

Everytime she feels
The clang of bells
Is the destination;
She is stuck at the start

The only time the tides
Is when she takes wings…
Beyond dreams and confines
And the moon stays
With carnations and rings…

– Shalini

Take it all…

Take what you will
This is all
The world has for you…

Take what you measure
is yours perchance
While the world still
Allows you to explore it’s treasure

Take what you deem
you deserved while you sulked
that life wasn’t fair
That things are not what they seem

Take what you eyed upon
But found beyond avail
Now all is on platter
For you to grab and fawn

Take what you will
Even if crumbs are yours…

Where are we?

Will we ever know what it takes

To maintain our sanctum

Will we ever know how far the horizon is

And from whence this hum

When we had it all,

We had no clue

Whilst we gave it away

We realised what was due

Were we normal then

Or is this the reality

We longed to be home

Amidst some sanity

Now that the world has shrunk

And shields itself in masks

We suddenly want to ride all waves

Claiming to achieve impossible tasks

Oh! Is the the end

Or the heralding of a new world

Is this what we fathomed

Of how fate swirled

All of a sudden

Flashes of days begone

Of mirthful glee return

In waves and flashes

The sojourn within has just begun.

A Confession

Its huge, this mountain of a block I’m facing, the infamous writer’s block. I haven’t really tried I know, but when did I ever…when did I ever actually try to write. It happened, like the cascade of a waterfall. Even now as I write I’m being pulled away, to retire, to let all this be. Such has been the struggle, if you know what I mean. So much has transpired around and whilst we are in the midst of this gigantic upheaval, I have no words. The earlier me would have written volumes on each and every passing day, second, thought, implications and God knows what. But here I am, struck by a severe pandemic within, and it isn’t recent. If it happens to you, this writer’s block, God forbid, no amount of pandemic can restore you. It cannot.

How do you do?

So, how are the days????

And nights????

How far have you come

How did you fare

How far is success still

How do you plan to reach the top

How good are you

How much do you know

How good can you look

How much time do you have

How strategic can you be

How well can you see

How well do you understand

How clear is it now

Do you see our point

Do you fathom our concern

Don’t you want to defeat them all

Don’t you want to fetch it all?


These are questions on your plate.

Deny their existence.

Learn to stolidly look away

At the stars

At the Sun

At the dancing leaves

At the waves lashing

At the mountains

Look look and look

Leave the questions unanswered

Let them float in the air

Till they themselves find a lair

Astound the world

With your denial

And acceptance

With your abashed steel

And softness

With your competence

And your complacency

Will you still feel smothered

If I ask you again…

How are your days

How are your nights..